About Orange Diaper Co

Orange Diaper Company is a small, family owned business. Each item we produce is lovingly & expertly hand-crafted here in Virginia. We love what we do & it shows!

The Orange Diaper Co Story By Jessica:

Orange Diaper Co

Shortly after the birth of my second child early in 2008, I started making clothd diapers for my new baby & for a few friends. My philosophy was simple: trim, well fitting, absorbent cloth diapers made of plush organic materials. Would it be shallow to say that I only wanted adorable diapers on my adorable baby’s bottom? Maybe, but I made cute prints a priority too 🙂

I created a unique, one-size, closure-less fitted cloth diaper intended to be used with a snappi or pins to provide a perfect, easy fit every time, from birth to toddler-hood.

Word spread, and before long I was getting emails from mamas all over…Israel, Malaysia, Iceland…wondering how they could get their hands on some of these diapers. I decided then that I should probably come up with a name and my husband, ever the clever one, suggested Scuttlebutts. For over two years, I created diapers under the name Scuttlebutts…usually selling out within minutes of stocking.

In 2010, the line expanded to include our best selling Loops and Bamboo Terry Squares, and Scuttlebutts became Orange Diaper Co. Although the name has changed, the commitment to quality materials, excellent craftsmanship, and adorable baby bottoms has not.

We feel incredibly lucky to be doing something we love so much, and to be making a living & supporting our family doing it. Thank you for shopping with us!

As of 2020, we are currently no longer producing cloth diapers. However we are now focusing on finding the best prices and deals on cloth diapers and disposable diapers to fill the needs of your baby! I hope to continue providing the same level of service!